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PostSubject: Download Rules   Fri Jul 04, 2008 4:47 pm

1. Title
1.1. You must enter the name of the file hoster - for example, for Rapid Share, you write [RS] in the title, before the name of the movie/TV show/whatever. If you don't know the shortcut, or think that the shortcut might be confused, write the whole name.
1.2. Your title must contain the full name of the movie/TV show/whatever, and in the end the year of release. If you have only one episode of the TV show, or, maybe, only few of them, than write in tags, between the full name and year of release uploaded episodes.

2. Form of the post (and recommends)
It is very important that the title of the movie/TV show/whatever be the first thing you will write in the post, centered, bolded, and with increased size in your opinion. It is recommended to change the color of the title, to give your post a tone (choose colors like lila and darker red to fit the Forum).
2.2. The next thing is information about the upload - so, is it a TV show, file-hoster you used, year of release (it doesn't matter if you repeat something from title). It's also highlt recommended to have "Additional Information" when you will write about the next uploads about the TV show/whatever you uploaded.
2.3. If you uploaded TV show, than, you should write down the episdes. If the show original isn't English (example, animes), than, you can write the original name sof the episodes, and the English ones, or only English ones, or only in the orignal language. However do you want, but write them.
2.4. Links - you are reading about this in every Forum, a lot of people don't follow this rule, but I've gotta tell it, all the links must be put... Where? Everybody in class says: "Code tags, teacher". Yeap, you know that well. Also, please, write all links in one code tag. Don't separate links in different code tags. It takes more time to us to check the links if they experied if you don't follow this one.
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Download Rules
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